English is the medium of instruction in the British curriculum hence its importance cannot beover-emphasised. With a degree in English Language or English Literature you are open minded and could lead to a variety of careers. We the teachers strive to make our lessons interesting from the early stages so as to encourage more students to take up English-Language or English-Literature and/Drama at A-Level.
Subjects in the Department: - English Language upto O-Level/ IGCSE - English Literature upto A-Level - Drama upto A-Level
English Language is a compulsory subject from Year 7 to 11.The curriculum for IGCSE begins in Year 10 although students are taught the foundation skills from Year 7. The department prepares students for GCE or IGCSE in Year 11 and Edexcel, with Advanced Supplementary (AS) at Year 12 and A2 Level at Year 13. Students who pursue English Language or English Literature at A Level should have attained a B grade at IGCSE O-Level Examination. English-Literature and Drama are compulsory subjects in Year 7-9 and elective from Year 10.  (Mr. Joshua Musee - Head of Department)