The Nairobi Academy library is a peaceful place for study located within the compound in the Secondary section. The interior design of the building ensures comfortable workplace and attractive surrounding which provides inspiration to students who need a quite environment to work. It has a sitting capacity of about 35 persons at a go. The objective is to supplement class work or course work. Attached is a video/lecture theatre. This has got tiered seating on comfortable upholstery for about 200 students. The theatre is used to develop our world affairs programmes to supplement all aspects of education with video/cd materials. It also offers a suitable venue for visiting lectures to the Academy.
It is a resource centre that is well equipped with current and relevant materials that conform to the information needs of the users. This includes computers which are internet linked for research especially for senior students and teachers. E books are available on request. In the library we have a section allocated to the young people’s fiction, here you find a selection of books written especially for young people by contemporary authors. In some sense these books are good literature; they have a well-thought-out plot, convincing details and imaginative character description. Perhaps the only way to establish your own list of ‘good read’ is to read a lot and quite widely. It is also worth remembering that your moods will affect your response to the book. What is deadly dull one day can be quite absorbing in another day. Included are also adult fiction books, textbooks to backup the classroom text, dictionaries, journals and encyclopaedias. To keep the users well-a breast of the events in the world around them, we avail a constant stream of daily newspapers and magazines like The Times and other periodicals. Besides this there is also a careers section that stocks prospectus for Universities worldwide and information to help students make career choices. In general there is a curriculum tie with the library collection through science research using science publications and other current publications. We also have timetabled library classes at least once a week for the lower classes. Internet access is available during school hours. We have arranged our library using the Dewey Decimal Classification Scheme abridged edition.  (Mrs. T. Barongo - Librarian)