Message from Head of Kenwood Kindergarten

Kenwood Kindergarten (popularly known as Nairobi Academy Kindergarten), under the current directors, was started 25 years ago by Mrs. Rajinder Walia. This small school with a big heart has grown tremendously over the years. We follow the British National Curriculum - Early Childhood Education. The children, having graduated from Kenwood Kindergarten in Kenya and all over the World, are our testimony.

Aanya Shah currently in Kenton College, Year 2 says; ‘it feels like home when I visit Kenwood Kindergarten.’

Menaka Soni currently studying Optometry in Cardiff University says; “The most profound memory I have of Kenwood Kindergarten is that my teachers always made me feel special, which is a very important feeling for young children. I used to be excited to go to school every day and my mum said I never cried! The school used to encourage me to read books and I think this is where my love of reading stems from. I also remember eating school lunches as a family of students, teachers and assistants and I truly believe my Kenwood Kindergarten days are some of the best days of my life!”

“All I really need to learn, I learned in Kindergarten”   –  Robert Fulghum